The financial objective of many people is to generate some form of investment income. This can be income from property, stocks and shares or perhaps from other sources, but it is often generating an income in the form of a rental yield that proves to be the most appealing. Real estate investment in Thailand is very attractive with an excellent return on investment offered but there can be challenges when it comes to managing your property.
Thailand currently offers visa-free travel to nationals of 57 countries.[1] This normally allows holidaymakers to spend couple of weeks of their holiday without any problems. 
 According to the Condominium Act 2008 (№4), foreigners may purchase the units in condominiums in full private ownership*. Ownership conditions: 1. Foreigners do not own more than 49% of the total area of the condominium, 2. The funds for the condominium unit purchase has been arrived to Thailand from abroad that is confirmed by the special certificate issued by Thai Bank in the TT3 form. While fulfilling these conditions the buyer becomes the sole and full-fledged owner of a unit in condominium and has the right to dispose of it at his discretion, to possess, use, sell, give, bequeath.