Investment property in Thailand with rental guarantee

The financial objective of many people is to generate some form of investment income. This can be income from property, stocks and shares or perhaps from other sources, but it is often generating an income in the form of a rental yield that proves to be the most appealing. Real estate investment in Thailand is very attractive with an excellent return on investment offered but there can be challenges when it comes to managing your property.

If you are new to Thailand property investment, you own more than one property, or maybe don’t live in the Kingdom permanently, these challenges can be enough to put investors off. It has been proved time and time again that agents, receptionists at condos, friends and neighbours do not provide a suitable solution. Managing property can be complex so it is our recommendation that you have been settled in the country for least six months before taking on such a project.

Of course, many people are looking to gain a rental return without doing anything, something that we describe as “pay the money and do nothing, just get the income”. Some people may look to an investment club as they see real estate as an investment but many are now choosing the investment properties that come with a rental guarantee. This is something that is becoming more prevalent in Thailand but it is important that you only invest in properties from reputable, well-established developers or those who can back up their promises.

At Invest East, we only offer projects that we have every confidence in. This means that our database is not extensive but it is fully of quality, something that we feel is far more important. After we have conducted our own due diligence, we have a few selected options that are available in Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket. We are currently undertaking due diligence on projects in other locations and this will be available soon, once they have passed our stringent checks.  

If you are looking to purchase a rental property, we offer our investors a range of quality properties from both developers and private owners. Naturally, we offer real estate investment advice and we have an abundance of satisfied clients with whom we have shared our knowledge, experience and professional advice. We understand that owning an overseas property can be a worrying thought and property in Thailand for foreigners can add more confusion, it is for this reason that our team will be here to assist you at every stage of the process.

We have a selection of properties that are currently under construction and private resale properties that have existing contracts that guarantee monthly payments meaning that you can gain a substantial income from property. As these properties come with a rental guarantee, there is no need for clients to carry out difficult rental yield calculations to establish how much they will receive and what return they will get. Everything is straightforward leaving you to enjoy your real estate investment.

Here is a selection of just some of the properties that we have available in Pattaya:

Perhaps some of the best-known properties that offer rental guarantees are from the New Nordic Group who are located in the Pratamnak Hill area of the city. Most of their properties come with a 10% return on investment that is guaranteed for periods of up to 10 years. This is a relatively low risk investment with excellent returns.

One of the  good examples is a property located in the New Nordic Club 3 complex. This particular unit has 11 more years remaining on the 10% return on investment guarantee offered by the developer. This studio unit is available in Foreign Ownership, solid investment with title deed. The apartment is 30 sqm and comes fully furnished and decorated. Hotel management is provided by developer, and rental guarantee conditions comes as a part of sale and purchase agreement.

We always aim to provide the best options for all our investors and that means offering property outside of Pattaya. Thanks to the strong links that we have forged with the New Nordic Group, we are delighted to offer our clients the option to purchase units in other locations in Thailand:  New Nordic Phuket Water World - off plan condominium development on Phuket with investment guarantee for 10 years and buy back option. In Samui island, the developer has New Nordic Samui Lamai Hotel and Resort under construction with choices of investment units. On beatufil and secluded location of Chumpon New Nordic Group will develop the huge area of long and clean Coral Beach with New Nordic Chumphon Coral beach condominium.  Once again, the 10% p.a. rental guarantee is available, this time for 10 years. All units of course come fully furnished and include a European kitchen and fine decoration and fittings.

As you can see, all these properties offer fantastic rental yields and are ideal property in Thailand for foreigners looking to invest in overseas property. For more details or any questions simply contact us by any means, or call to Kate on +6682-211-8894.